Translation process in steps

April 4, 2008

How we translate? To produce a quality translation the process always includes:

  1. The source study;
  2. Research on the subject;
  3. Translation self;
  4. Reading of the translated text;
  5. Proofreading.

Our services

April 3, 2008

our servicesOur agency, Technotext NL, specializes in the following services:
Translations Dutch – Russian, English – Russian:

  • website translation;
  • manuals translation;
  • proofreading;
  • language courses

in website design:

  • website design;
  • website template editing;
  • website maintenance;
  • consulting and online help

and more…


April 2, 2008

We are back to WP online. Here come our posts about translations.